The statue of “Abu Ali Sina” will be placed at the Dubai Expo 2020

Hamedan Deputy Minister of Tourism announced:

Announcing that the statue of Abu Ali Sina will be placed in the tourism pavilion of the Iran pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Hamadan Province said: “Let’s work and we will actually participate in the expo with this brand.”

Ali Khaksar called the Dubai Expo 2020 at noon on Wednesday a very good opportunity for all countries, including Iran, and added: “It is in this exhibition.”

He explained that Hamedan province uses this opportunity as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran: “My colleagues and I in the province are trying to do something internationally. In this regard, we have announced a call and we have had meetings in the governorate and tourism-related institutions. We were supposed to participate in this exhibition with a great shape and image. “Because in the tourism pavilion of Iran at the Dubai Expo 2020, there is a very diverse platform for advertising, and we can do our desired advertising through virtual and video.”

Khaksar announced that Hamedan province will probably participate in the expo according to the plan made in late November or early December: “For years, we had a plan to introduce Hamedan as a” tourist destination for children and families. “International Children’s Day is the 5th of January, and considering that Hamedan province is present at the expo one month before this date, we will definitely use this opportunity.”

He considered the introduction of Abu Ali Sina as one of the international celebrities as the most important action of Hamedan province in the expo and added: “In addition to placing the statue of Abu Ali Sina in the Iran pavilion, we also have virtual programs to focus on this scientific elite.” Abu Ali Sina is one of the greats of Iran, whose books are taught in world-renowned universities. We hope to have a comprehensive introduction of this character. “Hamedan province also has a lot to say in tourism, agriculture, religion, sports, health and nature tourism, and we will introduce all of them.”

The Deputy Minister of Tourism of the General Directorate of Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts of Hamedan Province reminded that more than 190 countries are present at the Dubai Expo and countries can better present themselves at the Expo.

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