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Exhibition Status : Held
Exhibition Subject : توریستی, تجاری
Start : September 20, 2022
End : September 22, 2022
Exhibition Status : Registration
Exhibition Subject : توریستی, تجاری
Start : September 22, 2022
End : September 25, 2022
Exhibition Status : Held

Expo 2020 Dubai

Opportunity, Mobility, Sustainability
Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

In 2021 in UAE, Sarv Bonyan Adabi Company will be the exclusive host of Iran Tourism Pavilion and it is an opportunity for Iranian companies, agencies, hotels and provinces to specialize in the world. Tourism and handicrafts can introduce themselves to other countries.

Special Exhibition Pavilion Design

An attractive and harmonic design for Iranian Germans

Construction and Implementation

All design, construction, transportation and implementation of structures will be done by this company.

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