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Public and commercial applications of Expo 2020 Dubai were unveiled

On the eve of the opening of the biggest world event after the Corona Pandemic, 3 exclusive applications of Expo 2020 Dubai were unveiled. Each of these programs is defined for a specific purpose such as a public application called Expo2020Dubai for regular visitors to the exhibition, a dedicated platform focused on “trade facilitation” for business owners and merchants called the Expo2020 Business app and a The application is designed for fitness and sports lovers in collaboration with the Glofox application.

The organizers of Expo 2020 Dubai have announced the launch of these three programs and said that they want to make sure that with the help of these applications, millions of visitors can make the most of the 182 impressive and exciting days of the Expo.

Dubai Expo is a huge place in an area of ​​600 football fields, so it is clear that if you cannot categorize the events and happenings of this large space according to your interests, you will certainly miss a lot. To meet this need, the organizers of the exhibition designed the official application of Expo 2020, which allows users to adjust their visit to the exhibition according to individual interests.

Visitors can use the app to purchase tickets, choose from over 200 restaurant and culinary events, and use the Expo 2020 smart queuing system.

But what is a smart queuing system? In fact, the Expo smart queuing system, which is an important part of the application, allows Expo guests to book a convenient opportunity to visit their favorite pavilion and not get stuck in the queues that are formed to visit the pavilions.

Developed in collaboration with Accenture, the official digital service partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, the app is available through the App Store or Google Play for users of Android and iOS phones.

Once you install the app, the app lets you either sign in with a new account or through your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram or Google. Remember to let the app access your GPS to be guided by the capacity to activate the Expo Site interactive map and step-by-step instructions to points of interest at the show.

In addition, a chatbot has been designed in the application environment that provides information for visiting the 2020 exhibition. Information including details of pavilions opening time, exhibition hours, parking spaces and how to access the exhibition using Dubai’s extensive public transport options.

“World” in one place

“We are hosting the world for six months! So, we tried to give Expo 2020 the opportunity to give visitors the opportunity to discover new frontiers once in a lifetime and to participate in the celebration of creativity and innovation. Expo 2020 applications have been launched in this direction and we hope that with the help of this program, visitors will be able to discover the exhibition with a higher quality. “

“The mobile app is a window for visitors from all over the world to learn about Expo 2020 and plan their visits,” said Gerardo Canta, chief executive officer and executive sponsor of the Export partnership project with Expo 2020 Dubai in designing the public app. “Our goal was for all visitors to have a unique experience and to visit different sections as they wish.”

Dedicated Expo platform for trade: Expo2020 Business app

Separately, the Expo 2020 business plan is available to traders, business owners and startups, as well as business visitors to the Expo. The program connects users with similar interests and goals in the business ecosystem and aims to facilitate meaningful business-to-business (B2B), government-to-government (B2G), and government-to-government (G2G) interactions across geographies and industries.

This application, which can be installed on mobile and desktop, uses artificial intelligence, according to the specifications, expertise, goals and patterns of interaction of each person, to suggest all classes and potential stakeholders. This application is designed so carefully that any visitor with a business goal can be sure that with the help of this program, he will fulfill his business goals in the expo.

Available through the WebApp, App Store, and Google Play, this business app allows users to create unique profiles, key information, and contact information by selecting filters and researching partners at Expo. Once they find the right people for each other in the app, a new task begins: so that users can chat or schedule business meetings with other users, businesses, and institutions of interest during and after the show.

Although downloading and installing the Expo Business app is free, there is a small fee for registering and accessing specific features of the app, such as networking within your professional ecosystem, chatting and scheduling meetings during and after the show. Premium Experience holders can enjoy free access to special features of the program along with many other additional services.

Exercise and fitness platform

In addition to these two main apps, sports and fitness enthusiasts visiting the Expo 2020 Dubai can take advantage of the Glofox platform supported by the Expo 2020 Dubai Sports Hub. Sports enthusiasts can track their health status through this app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play, and make the most of all the sports and health activities available at the Expo.

Various sections of the Expo, such as the Expo 2020 Sports Center, the Fitness Center and the Health Center, host all ages with different physical abilities, and the Glofox app helps users view programs and services, book classes and more. Members and coaches interact.

From October 1, 2021 (Esfand 9, 1400) to March 31, 2022 (Farvardin 11, 1401), Expo 2020 brings together more than 200 countries plus millions of visitors to collaborate on ways to protect the planet for future communities and generations and build a new world.

The Iranian tourism pavilion is also present in the “Mobility” zone of ​​the Expo. Iran Tourism Pavilion is located at the entrance of the 2000-meter pavilion of Iran and Sarv Bonyan Adabi Company (Saba) is the exclusive operator of Iran Tourism Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. This important global event, entitled “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, is a great opportunity for the growing growth of Iran’s tourism industry; For information on sponsorship services and advertising space in the tourism pavilion at the Expo, call 00989909060966.

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