Expo 2020 Dubai is a chance to attract sports tourists

Sport tourism, creative and smart products

Tahir Hassanbeigi – Tourism Expert

The combination of “tourism industry”, as one of the most important and top industries in the world, and “sports”, as one of the most powerful and important industries in the world, led to the emergence of one of the most amazing service industries, called “sports tourism”.; So that different countries of the world are always trying to formulate different strategies to get the most out of this large and valuable industry.

The sports tourism industry is now recognized as one of the largest and most diverse sectors of tourism in the world, and experts consider this industry as a major source in spreading the culture of nations, job creation, economic growth and infrastructure development. Sports tourism is a new paradigm in the development of tourism and new and creative products and services.

Provinces as tourism destinations can witness the prosperity of tourism and the growth of the economic cycle by using the capacity of sports tourism and benefiting from traditional sports, indigenous and local games.

Holding festivals with the mentioned topics has caused social excitement, local pride and pride, as well as selling handicrafts on the sidelines of these events and displaying local and indigenous culture and games will increase the interest of tourists to visit and visit these areas.

In the coming months, Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai, and a unique opportunity is presented to the provinces of our country, Iran, to show the richness of the culture of different regions of Iran by attending the Dubai Expo 2020, and more importantly, their local sports and games. Introduce and provide an opportunity for visitors to experience this sport and games.

For example, showing local ships and the possibility of wearing the special clothing of a region and the experience of doing a local sport or local game at the Expo 2020 Dubai, can be considered as one of the techniques to attract tourists.

It is hoped that with the efforts of the provinces of the country to fully participate in this international event, the tourism potential will be demonstrated and a step will be taken to attract tourists, especially sports tourists to different provinces.

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