Each week, a province demonstrates its capabilities at Expo 2020

Explanation of the program of the provinces in the Iranian pavilion in the press conference of the Dubai Expo 2020

The CEO of the International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company in the press conference of Expo 2020 Dubai described the level of private sector participation in this expo as very high and effective.

“This event is the largest economic, cultural, social and political gathering in the world,” said the CEO of the International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company. “And it will last for up to six months.”

Hassan Zamani in the press conference of Expo 2020 Dubai stated that the Iranian pavilion in Expo 2020 will officially start its work on Saturday, October 1, with the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, noting: “All companies that are ready to attend and Provide goods and services to be attracted to the presence. “For this purpose, various fields of mining, industry, energy, tourism, art, etc. have been invited to take a serious part in this global event by sending specialized delegations.”

Zamani stated that according to the plans, one province will demonstrate its capacities in this event every week, and specified: “The plans are considered in two special stages; The first is the non-oil export sector, which is projected to reach $ 100 billion, and the second is the investment package. “The goal in this area is to properly present projects and attract investors.”

He estimated the number of resources spent on Iran’s participation in the 2020 Expo at 200 billion tomans, and considered it as the only part of the resources that was to be spent according to the initial agreements. “Part of the 200 billion toman cost of designing and building the Iranian pavilion was financed by the government and the other part by the private sector,” Zamani said.

The official noted: “Iran’s pavilion has spent the least credit among all the countries present; “But among the top eight pavilions in terms of type of architecture, it is located in a space of more than 2,014 meters.”

Presenting Iran’s mineral potential with a view to the future

Mohammad Reza Bahrami, the head of Iran Mining House, also pointed to the programs designed in the field of introducing the country’s mineral capacities in the leading expo, and emphasized: “The country’s future approaches and plans in this area should also be described.”

According to him, the expo is an opportunity to introduce mining projects in Iran to our partners in other countries and thus encourage foreign investors to enter the Iranian market.

Bahrami announced the participation of all mining companies in the expo and said: “According to the plans made during the expo, the field of negotiations and consultations with mining companies from other countries present in the expo will be provided.”

25% increase in Iran-UAE trade by the end of this year

In this meeting, Farshid Farzanegan, Chairman of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber, also considered the position of the Iranian pavilion in Expo 2020 as promising for active economic diplomacy that can show the country’s power to other countries despite the bottlenecks.

He stated that the private sector has taken extensive measures alongside the government, adding: “The Iran Chamber and the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber, in cooperation with the Iran Chamber Expo headquarters, are in charge of sending trade delegations and economic activists to Expo 2020 Dubai. “Take the opportunity to expand the level of relations.”

Farzanegan stressed: “Considering the process of holding and the presence of Iran, it is predicted that the amount of trade between the two countries will grow by 25% by the end of the year.”

This economic activist asked all organizations, provincial chambers and joint chambers to seriously participate in this expo and use the special situation ahead to use the programs designed by the expo headquarters of the Iran Chamber and travel to Dubai in the form of commercial and specialized delegations. Benefit from services formally designed for this purpose through the Iran Chamber and the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber.

According to Farzanegan, face-to-face meetings will be held to allow delegations to visit Dubai’s commercial and economic infrastructure.

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