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  • Author, host, reporter and stage secretary of various radio and television programs, including children and teenagers group, Nimrokh, Mah Mehrabani, Rozger Jovani 1 and 2, Cheshm Barah, Iran’s children, this is not a court, stars of the Islamic world (related to Muslim genius children and teenagers in the world), good morning child of Iran, Golgasht, Aftab Mehrabani, in oyster color from 1995 to 2000.
  • Researcher of the Children and Adolescent Group of Radio and Television Organization from 1995 to 2000, as well as the researcher and planner of the short films “Bicycle” and “The Mirror of Truth”.
    Both films won an award at the Canadian Film Festival.
  • Registration of children’s literature and art project with new educational method in 2010
  • Member of Educated Women’s Associations Promoting Peace in the United Nations, Mothers Without Borders of the United Nations, Honorary Member of the Royal Women’s Association of Malaysia
  • The author of the book series “My story, your painting, our story” in five languages internationally, 20 volumes in Italian, French, English, Russian, Spanish
  • Author and designer of “Peace System Culture” workshops in Iran and Italy
  • The designer and organizer of the Naghalan Kochach festival in Iran and several countries with the aim of knowing the stories of the same origin in the world, as well as performing the stories of the Shahnameh and other Iranian poets in a theatrical form in other countries.
  • Collaborative project of inter-ethnic education in the region of ancient Iran to UNESCO and its acceptance in the country
  • Organizer of numerous art and cultural exhibitions
  • Director of Peace and Friendship Ambassadors Group
  • Senior film and television producer and director
  • He graduated in the field of cinema and directing in 1987 from the Faculty of Broadcasting of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • CEO of Derakhshan Aftab Alamtab Film Production and Distribution Institute

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