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Iran Tourism Pavilion is an opportunity for the tourism industry

در آستانه برگزاری اکسپوی گردشگری دبی، بار دیگر امیدها برای شکستن رکود گردشگری ایران زنده می‌شود. سال گذشته شاهد آن بودیم که کرونا چنان آسیب جدی به صنعت

On the eve of the Dubai Tourism Expo, hopes are being revived to break the Iranian tourism slump. Last year, we saw that Corona caused so much damage to the tourism industry that it became clear after global calculations; This damage is several times the damage that has been inflicted on the tourism industry throughout the 2009 economic crisis. The worst predictions are that there will be no improvement in the tourism industry until 2022. Zarab Ploulikashvili, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), says; The decrease in tourist travel last year was 70%.

However, many tourism professionals around the world are trying; Reduce this recession and economic loss. Holding a tourism expo for the first time in Asia has revived hope in the Middle East. But the question is how much we will shine in this exhibition and can this exhibition be a strong step to start the tourism of Iran again?

Introduction to Tourism Expo

One of the most advanced and comprehensive gatherings of the age of industry and technology is the World Expo (Expo), which is held at intervals of five, two and three years, hosted by different countries. The idea of ​​holding world fairs goes back to the tradition of holding annual fairs in France. An exhibition called the Industrial Exhibition was held in France in 1844, which established the tradition of world exhibitions. The first period of these exhibitions after the Industrial Revolution was the “Great Exhibition” in London’s Hyde Park and was held in 1851. In these exhibitions, various human experiences with world topics, the latest achievements and scientific, cultural and industrial creations are to be displayed.

The main focus of the expo is on global issues such as technology, innovation and coordination with the environment, and the main purpose of the event is to expand cultural exchanges and economic and political relations, technology transfer, national identity and achievements of countries in various fields of tourism industry.

Or is Iran taking a strong step towards tourism this year?

The importance of the tourism expo in the world has always caused many countries to attend it and of course to show their latest technologies in it, but it must be said; The Dubai Tourism Expo is many times more important to Iran than other world fairs, especially after today’s coronation period, when many tourism businesses are in trouble, and on the other hand, this fair is held in Dubai and near Iran.

Roya Shakeri, a tourism activist, says of the event: “We have participated in most of the world fairs and exhibitions, but the reality is that we have exhibitions every year, while these exhibitions usually focus on new technologies and human concerns. “We hope that Iran’s presence will be stronger and stronger this year, because this exhibition will be held in Dubai, and in a way, this proximity can create different conditions for us.”

This teacher of tourism and hotel management believes that to date we have not provided a coherent organization for holding successful exhibitions, and my recommendation is that from this year we form a monitoring and evaluation council so that this council can be our guide in holding such global exhibitions.

“The importance of this exhibition in the development of tourism is quite clear,” he stressed. “In these exhibitions, different groups come from different countries of the world, and we can get acquainted with the lifestyles of the people of the world.”

Abedinzadeh says that Iranians are one-time travelers, an event that has greatly influenced our tourism plans, while the world and those who come to the expo, most of them have visions of many years and already think about the smallest events of this event. they do.

It remains to be seen what the experience of this year’s Dubai Tourism Expo will be and what we will achieve so that a step can be taken to break the ice of the tourism slump and we can wait for a bright future for Iranian tourism.

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